I Hate Fabric Stores!

When I was a little boy, I hung around my mother all the time, as did all children. Occasionally she would go places that I hated to go to. One place in particular was the fabric store. I hated the fabric store.

It got so bad that I would get spankings after each visit to the fabric store. She couldn’t seem to figure out that life would be easier if she didn’t take me to the fabric store. She only spanked me with a yard stick from the fabric store (how cruel.) It never hurt. You can’t build much momentum with a yard stick.

One time I knew I was in for a spanking, so I ran to the sewing room and broke all of the yard sticks in two.

Finally, I grew up, got married and have enjoyed the peaceful bliss of not going to a fabric store…until last week.

When I was looking for Jeeps, I met a guy at a shopping center which happened to have a fabric store open. Gigi went waltzing over while I looked at the Jeep. What was she thinking? I walked in the store to get her and instantly I got angry. I hate those places with all their little buttons, zippers, yarn and fabric. I hate the smell. Who in their right mind would work there?

Oh it just makes my skin crawl.


mr zig said...

I'm with ya on this one... I too was forced into fabric stores and left to browse those pattern magazines that had semi-interesting covers, but only boringness inside while my mother chatted it up with the fabric cutting lady...

Terri said...

Maybe you just need a change of focus. If the fabric store had something you could use on your jeep, I bet you would LOVE going there!

Anonymous said...

I share the same hatred for these outlets of Satan. Rolaine and Budget Fair are the ones I remember most vividly.