Wow! What a weekend! It was just what the doctor ordered.

Friday’s concert was as good as expected. Go see the Celtic women if they are touring in your town.

Saturday didn’t turn out as planned. We never made it to the vineyard. Instead we spent more time than allotted at the RV dealer where I committed to buy a new 34 foot fifth wheel trailer.

The trailer is awesome and far nicer than my actual home that I live in. I left a deposit and told the salesman that I would work out the details Tuesday when they opened back up for business.

This means I have to get a big 5th wheel hitch installed in my truck bed and we have to clean out 10 years worth of stuff in the old RV to trade it in. I’ll miss the old trailer. There is a decade of fun that echoes on those walls.

Saturday’s weather was as nice as forecasted. Gigi and Amy sat in the back seat of the jeep and ate peanuts, Doritos, cashews and ice cream. I know because Gigi had many colors of food on her white pants. Both laughed constantly about who knows what. You can’t hear them with all the wind and motor noises.

This picture speaks volumes. I am standing beside Timmy the Beast with my Puerto Rican barber shirt on. I am giving a good muscle flex after a few beers. Please notice the new wheels and tires on Timmy.

Now notice a nice butt shot of Gigi collecting her stuff from the Jeep.


Terri said...

RV - nicer than my house.

Timmy the Beast - looking good. Although the name Timmy doesn't quite seem to fit with Beast. Maybe you'd reconsider and change it to Timothy. More intimidating. Timmy is a sweet 4 year old. Tim is your drinking buddy. But Timothy... he's someone to be reckoned with.

Pointing out Gigi's butt when I otherwise would not have noticed - priceless! I'm sure she loves you for that one!

Ali said...

Funnily enough, Gigi's butt was one of the first things I noticed! I was like "oh there's the Beast and Reggie and Hey! Is that Gigi's ass?"
I have to agree with Terri though - where did "Timmy" come from? It doesn't sound very beast-like. Maybe something like Thor the Beast would be a little more intimidating...