Uncle Leo

Last night, we had a wine pairing dinner at out club. The wine was top shelf, and the food as always, was good. I even invited some of my clients to join in the fun.

Before dinner I decided to take a shower, shave, and do a little grooming. By grooming I mean, remove any hair that ain’t where it used to be.

As a gentleman matures, the eyebrows start looking like Andy Rooney, if left to their own. Not me. No, clever me has a handy grooming kit that takes care of all sort of unwanted hair.

Last night I stood in front of the mirror after my shower, wrapped in a towel, and noticed the eyebrows needed a trim. Not to fear, I took out my trim kit and loaded a clip on trimmer that would cut my eyebrows at just the right length in seconds.

Zip! The hair fell in the sink.

Oh my God! I virtually buzzed my right eyebrow off!! I used the wrong clipper attachment.

I looked like Uncle Leo on Seinfeld.

I walked in the kitchen and told Gigi that I had a cosmetic emergency. She looked up and didn’t have to ask where.

She managed an emergency repair by using some eyebrow pencils, and she did a decent job.

Thank goodness it was dark by suppertime.

I don’t know what the heck I am going to do Monday in the light of day.


Liv said...

Hey--made the jump from Peach Pod. Love this post. It makes me think of how I was just giggling today about a fellow I saw with long, unmanageable eyebrow hair. Bless his sweet heart.

Ali Kat said...

PLEASE post a pic! We want to see!!

Terri said...

YES, YES... please post a pic!

Terri said...

My neighbor across the street always has his wife trim his eyebrows for him. She did the same thing to him, but decided not to tell him. So they went out, and he was completely unaware until they met up with his daughter who then said, "Dad? What the hell is up with your eyebrows?" He was NOT happy...

Stacy said...

Oh wow. One time I waxed mine and ended up with one way higher than the other which is almost (but not quite!) as bad..lol