Trouble, Right Here In River City

I went to Subway for lunch today. I usually get the same thing every time, a 6 inch Subway club on white, with provolone cheese, add some cucumbers, green peppers, lettuce, salt and pepper. I finish the order with a bag of baked chips and a diet coke.

I know this will be crunchy, fresh, and fairly low calorie, and low fat. Best of all the taste is good and predictable. I am stuck in my ways, and I like, and find comfort in this fact.

One time I took them up on the offer of heating the sub. It tasted fine but I ended up getting covered in bread crumbs. I have decided not to toast my sub ever again, so forever more it shall be. I ended up looking like some kid in a high chair covered all over in crumbs.

Today I was in line at Subway and the guy mumbled behind the glass and asked if I wanted my sub toasted. I asked him to repeat what he said and I firmly said, “No thanks.”

No toasting for me.

Then the guy scoops up a few subs, mine included, and tosses them in the oven. I was aghast. How could he do this? My instructions were clear.

By now the crumbly toasted sub lay in front of me, ready for dressing. I demanded defiantly, with my arms crossed in a defensive manner, exactly what I asked for. I wanted an uncooked sub.

Well that got everyone in a bad mood. I had clearly pointed out the guilty party and he was mad. I upset the momentum of the girl who dresses the sandwich. Everything was out of order and amiss.

Everyone was acting like interruption was my entire fault. All I wanted was my damn sandwich as I ordered.


Peach Pod said...

You did the right thing. I don't like them toasted, either. I'm OK with heated (we have a local shop that heats them with some kind of steam thing) but when you toast them you wear them. That's why I'm not a huge Quizno's fan. Too crunchy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Subway ain't Burger King where you "Get it Your Way", so what did you expect?
However, you can get very personalized service at many culturally rich restaurants on the incredibly beautiful island of St. Croix! Please visit us at your earliest convenience:)!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the crumbs - if you enjoyed it, just carry a lint roller in the car and appreciate the fact that you heard him in Engish (though admittedly without much better results). You are well ahead of the rest of us that can walk into any local McD and hear, "¿deseas las fritadas con eso?"

mr zig said...

I hate toasted subs too - for me its not only the crumbs, (WHICH I HATE) but also the way it tastes.....

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the razor sharp bread edges that cut the roof of the mouth. I'm thinking of filing a class action suit against Quizno's and french restaurants.