Visit to the Dentist

Is it just me or do others worry about what might be in your nostrils just before you go to the dentist?

Today I had my 6 months checkup and cleaning. I had just had my damn sub for lunch (see below) and didn’t have a chance to brush my teeth.

I popped some gum in my mouth and snarled at the rearview mirror to check for sandwich debris. Oh my gosh! The sunlight shown directly up my nostrils and I about drove off the road. Gross!

Nostrils weren’t meant to be illuminated so intensely.

Sorry Patty. I hope it wasn’t too bad.


Ali said...

Oooh eerie! I was at the dentist this morning too, having a tiny filling done - and while I was laid back in that chair with 2 people staring at me I all of a sudden started thinking "Oh my god, what if I have something in my nose?"

I tried very hard not to squirm while they did their work, but the second they were done I jumped up and looked in the mirror in the office. The coast was clear - nothing up there.

However, I did look like I had a bum lip - what with the freezing and all.

Friendly Manitoban said...

I often worry about that. I'm glad I'm not alone!