Timmy, The Beast

I feel compelled to comment on my Jeep’s name after the comments from Ali and Terri.

Southerners by nature are full of contrasts. Being a Gemini compounds this inner struggle.

Take something simple like ice tea. Southerners drink ice tea by the gallons. Now think about the tremendous conflicts in place by this simple concoction.

First you boil the water for the tea. Then you cool the tea down to the 30’s by adding ice. You add sugar to make it sweet. You then add lemon to make it sour.

So what is it? Hot? Cold? Sweet? Sour?

No, it is the sum of all of the above.

The same plays true with Asian sweet and sour food.

Forget Lassie and Timmy. My Timmy represents the gentle side of The Beast. The name came to be without forethought, so it must be. I probably wouldn’t have chosen Timmy but the contrast was irresistible.


Ali said...

Ah yes, my fellow Gemini - I understand completely - and so Timmy the Beast it will be!

Terri said...

I can live with that! (Yeah, as if I had a say in the first place anyway! LOL)