A Deep Question to Ponder

Gigi and I moved from the city to the country in 1989. I was a city dweller and still am at heart. I told her I’d give country living a whirl at least for a year. After 18 years I would say so far, so good.

The first summer I was out here, I planted 8 rows of white corn. I knew nothing about corn except that I like to eat fresh white corn in the summer, and I was in the country so I should farm.

To my delight we were inundated with ear after ear of white corn, so much corn, that I got a lifetime full and have never grown it again.

What intrigued me was the fact that we had a problem with corn silk worms that first year. Corn silk worms eat at the corn silk (clever name) and can be a big deal I guess if gone unchecked.

My question is, do you guess there are corn silk worms still waiting for me to grow them some corn? How long had they been waiting for me to grow corn in the first place? Do they infest other things besides corn?

The poor worms have to be in a terrible drought and I can promise it’s going to get worse.