Here Are the Plans

There will be big doings this weekend, right here in the Queen City. First, the weather is perfect “Reggie” weather. The weather is reminiscent of the island that I love. Highs will be in the low 80’s and sunny.

What does a man do with perfect weather? Yes, you there in the back. Did you say golf? Yes, that is the correct answer. I will play golf today. It will be a perfect day and I will play in the filet of the day weather-wise.

Then tonight we go to a concert. This is not just any concert. Tonight I will see the Celtic women in person. Oh my!

Then tomorrow I take “Timmy the Beast” out for his very first fun ride. I will completely remove the top and drive up to Raylen vineyards. Once there we will enjoy a jazz concert, local wine, roasted oysters and shrimp.

Oh what a difference a week makes. Last week I was lying in bed checking my temperature not caring if I died. That would have been sad though. I would have been so close to seeing the Celtic women and then go and die.