An Interesting Day So Far

You just never know what kind of day it’s going to be.

This morning a buddy called me and asked if I wanted to see some naked women at the mall.

“Sure”, I said. I love naked ladies.

The deal was that PETA was protesting in front of the mall. Sure enough they were all naked but were draped in a protest banner so you couldn’t actually see any goodies.

Later on for some reason I felt a pity party coming on. I decided I had better get back to my workout regime. I haven’t worked out since I got sick.

As I entered the gym, I saw my friend Rosy. She asked if I wanted to join her in a walk instead of the usual routine.

We walked and she told me of a friend of hers that just died from cancer. My pity party melted away. Then we both look up and see our other workout buddy but she has on a wig. She told us that she has cancer too and the chemo has taken it out of her.

It’s only 2:30. What else will this day bring? It’s been interesting so far.


Anonymous said...

It has been an interesting day for you!
I am so glad you are back to feeling good and doing lots of posts.

Anonymous said...

Nice to read from someone here in NC. This is the first one in a long while for me.

mr zig said...

we don't have naked protesters here... they would freeze. haha to them, boo to me, cuz I don't get to see naken protesters

Ali Kat said...

You'd be surprise how many people are getting cancer these days. It's pretty scary. Makes you wonder what's in our food and our environment and the things we put on our skin that is so horrible to cause such a disease?!