Dogs and Religion

For those who don’t know me I am a rather learned Christian. In fact I am a shining example of God’s grace and mercy because I am an A+ sinner.

This morning I woke up under stressful circumstances. I was lying there in bed just moments before by biological alarm clock was supposed to go off. Then in my subconscious I heard the back door knock. Suddenly the dogs all burst into frantic barking. This was for real!

Gigi has always warned me, “Reggie, if you sleep half naked, one day you’ll have to run out of the house half naked”

She was right. I struggled to find my boxer shorts in the dark with an air of house hold frantic commotion. I heard the knock again and the barking reached a crescendo.

Recently the cat, which I’ll refer to as the damn cat, has learned to bang on the back door by hitting some do-dad that Gigi hung on the door knob. This was the case this morning. A false alarm cased by the damn cat.

Now back to the religious stuff.

We all had a good laugh, Gigi, Boscoe and I. I sat down in my chair the read news from my laptop.

I noticed Haley our number 3 border collie had taken out seven of her stuffed toys and scattered them in a path across the living room. It reminded me of the passage about the Valley of the Dry Bones in Ezekiel. Now where I am going with this I’m not sure, but somehow the dog got me to thinking about my faith and that has to be good.

It’s time for a cup of coffee….


Logzie said...

Reggie, you are just TOO dang funny!

Running out the house 1/2 naked and the damn cat. Hilarious!

Thanks for starting my day off right...with a good laugh!

Logzie said...

P.S. God used a donkey in the Bible...apparently He uses dogs now too. HA! :0)

Anonymous said...

But, the picture? Does the Bible talk about gambling canines?

And, I have felt the same way about sleeping in the buff, but it's so much more comfortable, and if anyone's knocking on my door in the middle of the night, they deserve to be frightened by my middle-aged physique.

Ali Kat said...

I'm just curious as to how you got the dog to play poker with you !?!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

That is Peaches...she is my smartest border collie.