A Tale of Two Technical Support Calls

I have had the pleasure of calling two different technical support lines today.

One was godaddy.com. Go Daddy requires you to spend your own nickel to make the call so you usually get through faster. They ask if you want to hear background music or dead silence. I opted for background music and boy was it the right choice. They had this very upbeat Dixieland jazz going that had even me up snapping (rubbing finger skin together) and dancing (awkward moves).

Then an energetic young lady with a Midwestern accent comes on all flirty and works me through my problem in minutes. I was happy.

I asked her to put me back on hold just for the jazz but she couldn’t do that she said.

In contrast I called HP support today to ask about a missing program or two when I upgraded to Vista. The background music stank.

Then a smarty pants young lady come on and her voice kept fading as she turned her head away from her mouthpiece. We went back and forth for twenty minutes and finally her solution was for me to rebuild my PC from scratch. “Hell no!” I said, “I’ll just pass on the missing programs.”

“Have I answered all of your questions today?”

Oh that makes me mad when they know good and well I’m pissed.


Ali said...

"Oh that makes me mad when they know good and well I’m pissed."

LOL - oh Mr. Hunnicutt, you make me laugh!

Chris said...

It's nice to see that Customer service sucks down there too. I called Dell once, and their support team is in India. INDIA!!!!

mr zig said...

The best part about calling computer support is when they start you at the beginning and say "Sir, first I'll have you check the connection to your power outlet" - yeah, like I wouldn't check that first on my own! - And NOW, they have a service at Dell where you can PAY EXTRA to skip the "did you plug your computer in" technical support and go right to the real stuff... pay extra? geeesh! -