Just When I was Getting Bored With The Internet

In the past Zig and I have professed our love of package tracking.

You know, you order something online and you get an email with a tracking number. You take that number and you can see the departure and arrival scans and get some idea of where your package is.

My brain takes it a little further. I can imagine my little brown box being tossed from truck to plans as it moves to my address. For some reason the planes I see are always old DC-3 tail draggers in a snow storm.

Imagine no more! Be still my heart! Now you can actually visually track your package on Google Maps with the help of Isnoop.

Go and dig up a tracking number and check this out for yourself.


mr zig said...

awweesome!!!! - I am gonna order something this afternoon - just so I can get a tracking number! yay!