What do sick people do on the weekends? I’m getting ready to find out. I had just planned to lie around and chill.

Let’s see….going out of town is out of the question. I’ve already cancelled my trip tp Edisto Island. No interest in supper on the town. I haven’t eaten a whole meal in a week.

The dogs are sick of me. My wife is sick of me. I am sick of me.

Anyway…I guess I’ll knock off early and … oh heck; take my temperature a few extra times for laughs and giggles.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Ali said...

Oh Reggie - I feel so badly that you are still so sick!
If there was something I could do to make you better or cheer you up I would...hmmm, maybe there is...yep, there is something I can do - to cheer you up anyways - so sometime early next week I will do my best to make you cheery - whether you still feel like ass or not!

Ali Kat said...

I can't believe you've been sick for this long. YIKES! Hope you start feeling better - 'cause the weekend is the best time to recover.