Good Lunch laugh

It was a pretty dry day for me. Lady (the half dead horse) stepped on Gigi’s foot last night. I hung around during the morning just to take her to the hospital. Gigi finally figured the foot wasn’t bad enough to hang out in the ER all day for an x-ray.

I was off to work just about in time for lunch. I had this lunch meeting with some big Midwest firm about identity theft. The restaurant is top shelf and known for their fresh and organic food. The food is always marvelous.

I was sitting at the table with a young lady from the representative firm, and several colleagues. It was formal business and there was very little small talk.

Finally the desert and coffee was served. I looked in the creamer and it looked foamy and non-homogenized.

I said, ‘Looks like this cream was just pulled fresh from ol’ Bessie”

I thought the young lady was going to blow her coffee across the room. She just fell out and folded up laughing.

Loosen up people. I enjoyed making her laugh.


Logzie said...

When we still lived in Oklahoma, we would go to this Amish family's home to eat dinner. They ran this operation out of their basement and only served groups of 30+. The food was always fresh and fantastic. One time I asked for a cup of milk for Logan as he was a baby at the time. I swear they went outside and got it right from "Bessie" too. Pretty scarey stuff! I prefer homogenized...thank you.

Anonymous said...

How is GiGi's foot today??? I know that hurt her.