Big Spender

How does it make sense that the federal government is going to steal $600 to $800 from Gigi and me, then give this money to some stranger with instruction to spend this/my money.

Then, the same poor slob gets robbed of his money and the government mails me his/now my money and tells me, “Don’t put it back in your account, go buy yourself something pretty on me. Ok.”


One catch, the Senate is debating whether I should get any of the other slob’s money because I was a bit too productive in society last year. So they may just skim some of the cream off me and not give me anyone else’s money.

This is supposed to stimulate our economy and save the world economy in the process.


This reminds me of a custom I used to have with my college roommate. Each Christmas I would give him a $20 dollar bill and he would graciously thank me for my generosity.

$20 was a lot of money in the 70’s especially for a college student.

He would then give me back my $20 as a gift and I would make over it like he was a big spender. We would then laugh heartily and tell people how generous our roommate was.

This was a joke people. Now our government is doing it for real, and lots of people are going along with it. That is scary. Be afraid.


Doc said...

Thanks for the new fridge the wife and I are going to buy... I see your point Reggie however we weren't too productive last year and I simply cannot turn away $1500.

Jay said...

I have to say that I am enjoying watching all the Republicans act like a bunch of guilty white Liberals by pushing this plan that is really nothing short of socialism. Very funny really.

MELackey said...

I believe we made pretty close to the limit where they start reducing the free money. It looks like we might get most of our $1,500. Thanks Wreg, I appreciate you guys letting us skim off a little of your cream.

I will say that I like the tax rebates as long as I still qualify for them. If I was in the class that the politicians considered too "rich" to get the get the rebates (I guess that's you), I'd be a little unhappy with the whole deal too. I am a little cheesed off that they reduced the originally planned payout for everyone else to be able to give $300 each to the slackers that didn't even pay any taxes at all. That should be the part that pisses off all you "rich" guys even more.

Anonymous said...

Be Afraid?

I am terrified.