I consume my fair share of wine and beer throughout the year.

Beer is usually reserved for outdoor events, or outdoor events watched on TV like football. Otherwise I will sip wine at dinner.

I rarely drink the hard stuff, however when traveling to the Virgin Island a mans thoughts turn to rum.

I wrote my favorite bartender on the island of St Croix yesterday for a couple of drink recipes that are popular on the island now.

Peter wrote:

I think the two drinks that are most popular down here (besides dark rum and Diet and dark and Coke) are the Painkiller and Thebushwacker.

The pain killer is equal parts light and dark rum (don't be shy with the rum!!!!!!!!!) a little 151 rum, cream de coconut, and pineapple juice. Mix it by pouring into next glass several times, then sprinkle nutmeg on the top.

The Bushwacker is a frozen drink of light rum, baily's, kahlua, and a little amaretto, blend and serve.

I had both drinks in September and they are fantastic. They are delicious, well blended and full of great Cruzan Rum flavors.

A note of caution…these are strong drinks to be sipped but they don’t taste strong and your urge is to drink them like it was fruit juice.

Do yourself a favor and watch this Cruzan Rum video about the rum and the island. You’ll see my friend Peter, and you’ll see plenty of reasons why I continue to go back.


Liv said...

ack. rum. it's something i used to like, and now feel like i need more convincing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man! Both those drinks sound delicious. I'd be one of those people who forgets to sip.

Jay said...

Back in the day I drank a lot of rum. Especially Bacardi 151. But, at some point I kind of lost my taste for it and moved over to tequila. Which I have drunk entirely too much of in my lifetime. ;-)

But, if I were on a Island in the Caribbean, I'm sure I would be drinking rum again.

Jahooni said...

when are you going to invite all of your readers to that little island of yours? I swear I want to make a reservation and spook you and Gigi while you are there! LOL j/k But on a serious note: I do want to visit there. It sounds delish just like the drinks they serve up.

TerryC said...

Peter wrote? Wow! I'd like to see that!

Jay - Bacardi sucks. It tastes like jet fuel. Cruzan is smooth and very drinkable.

Jahooni - come on down, anytime and we'll show you why we love it here :) !

Unknown said...

I had plenty of Painkillers when I made a trip to the BVI. They make theirs with Pussers rum. I'd love to try one with some of the delcious dark Cruzan you left me!

Michael said...

Yeah, the BVIs always push the Pusser's, but like Bacardi... it sucks. It's allegedly the same rum the Royal Navy served is crew, though they watered it down (Grog) the last few centuries - I can believe it. The officers probably saved the good stuff for themselves and served the peons that crap Pusser's.

Unknown said...

Yeah Pussers was just horrible!!!