Plans Anyone?

Locals down on the island don’t get all balled up with advanced planning. Yes Christmas will come again but they’ll deal with it later, maybe like Christmas Eve.

And so it is with advance planning for the Super Bowl on the island of St Croix.

Back in September I saw a real live plasma TV on the island, in a bar. These are two key ingredients for a Super Bowl party.

As far as I know it is the only high definition TV on the island and it is actually hooked to a HD satellite receiver. I know, I checked personally. I didn’t see it work so that concerned me.

Last year they had a big screen TV set up at the Divi which was very adequate. Plasma however is better in a man’s eye.

I called Chenay Bay Beach Resort to enquire if they planned an event for the Super Bowl and did the TV at the outdoor bar in fact work, and was it actually HD.

In the thick (tick) island accent she answered yes it is HD and yes it works and who cares about a football game three weeks from now.

I got a little flustered then realized that this woman didn’t know, didn’t care, and if I wanted to come watch her TV on February 3rd I was perfectly welcome. Relax….it doesn’t matter.

I took a deep breath and now I begin my mental vacation. I need to decompress a bit before I get there and now is as good of time as any to begin.


Judy said...

That picture brings back good memories. I can hardly wait to be there again.

Anonymous said...

Even I would watch football at a bar on an ISLAND. Glad you got all the details worked out.

TerryC said...

But Judy, the picture is missing a VIP ~ you! We'll have to make a better picture this year.

And Wreg, yeah, we really don't care about a football game down here. We have way too much other stuff to do. Chill, will ya?

Jay said...

Knowing where to watch the Super Bowl is VERY important. You'll need to get this worked out dude!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Agreed Jay. We can always fall on the 12 foot projection TV at the Divi. It's on the water at the bar but the bartender is slow by mainland standards.

The HD is interesting, or we can watch it at the villa on standard definition.

Last year we took off at halftime, at dinner, and came back to finish the game.

But trust me, I am aware of the magnitude of the event.

Jahooni said...

Should I hurry up and mail you a cheesehead for you and Gigi to wear while there... because you know Packers are taking it! woohoo

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

If you really had one I would take it, wear it, and return it.

TerryC said...

We can get you a cheesehead. Carl, our friend who is selling the Cal-27 has one!

TerryC said...

Oh, but the Packers aren't going anywhere! So nevermind!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh they'll beat the Giants this weekend.

Michael said...

The only place we're certain the superbowl will be showing (other than Divi) is Sharkey's. If you go there, we'll disown you.

I think Chenay has potential, we can check to make sure they'll be showing it. The big plasma you saw however, is in the restaurant, not the bar. They've been doing a lot of renovations lately. The bar has been enlarged and is roofed, but I don't know if its got its own tv. The reception desk does!

Other advantages are location. Its close to us, and to your villa. Their service is improving, especially the night crew, when we've been there. Its right on the water, so those of us who can't care less about a bunch of strangers scrabbling about on a field thousands of miles away in the cold can wander down the beach and enjoy the moonlight, surf and island breeze.

The villa wouldn't be bad either, if its got a decent TV. But there's not a lot of time to forage for sufficient goodies and beverages between your arrival Saturday evening, brunch Sunday and a Roseway cruise in the afternoon.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No...Sharkeys is a smoke house. I stepped in there once and I about choked on cigarette smoke.