What's Up?

I took my father in law back to Brunswick, GA yesterday. He had too much luggage for public transportation so I decided to do the trip myself.

I had to wait for my epilepsy medication to be delivered to the drugstore before I headed out of town. You saw the drug store episode yesterday…and you say I gave a Carolina accent.

Anyway, the trip is 6 plus hours each way and I decided to do as much as I could in a day. By 7:30 PM I was tired and it was dark. I stopped at some little hotel in the Low Country of South Carolina.

The hotel was clean, warm and had wi-fi. That is all I needed for a restful sleep.

By 6:30 AM I was back on the road and back in Charlotte by 10:30 AM.

It is cold here, dismal, and it’s raining with expectations of 3 inches of snow.

There is no football on TV, too early for golf on TV, too messy to do anything, so I decided to track the lucky bustards that are on the Charlotte St Croix flight today.

I’ll be in that little plane in two weeks.


Jay said...

And with that your obsession with St. Croix is now absolutely 100%. It was running at about 92%. But, flight tracking has now filled up the final 8%.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

It borderlines being a stalker. Doesn't it my good man.

Michael said...

After coming around Sandy Point, the south-westernmost point of St. Croix, heading up the coast past Cottages-by-the-Sea and Sand Castles on our way to the Frederiksted pier this afternoon, a jet flew overhead, coming in to land. It was about 2:30-2:45. Carsten thought is was the American 12:20 pm direct out of Miami. Carl, our captain, thought it was the USAir flight.

We told him your flight was coming in at 4:20 in a few weeks and it wasn't likely they changed the schedule between now and then, but, then again, we were pretty sure you'd gotten in earlier than that on previous trips, so could be.

Personally, I think it was the Delta direct from Atlanta. Can you check out the flight details on that one? So I can let everyone know tomorrow.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

All of those flights are out of San Juan, either American, Continental, or American Eagle.

By description I would say you saw CO 9341 Continental Airlines arriving 2:44 PM.

I remember sitting on the beach at Sand Castles and yelling, "Da plane, da plane" every time one flew over.

The US Air landed on time. Just in time for everyone to get their rum drink on.