Screw 'em

We got one of our annoying little southern snow storms last night. There is about three inches of snow on the ground and thanks to our legal system; all the areas schools are closed.

This reminds me why I head south for a brief respite in the winter.

When you put together a warm winter vacation with multiple couples, you are usually trying to sell the concept in June. It can be a hard sell when it’s 86 degrees and beautiful outside.

One glance outside at this frozen waste and I am reminded where I will be in 16 days.

Yesterday morning I had a meeting with a young person that I would guess was 24 tops. He talked like some west coast teenage girl. At the end of each sentence his voice inflection would go up. That was annoying as hell.

I could tell he thought I was an old fossil too. Screw him.

I went in our Apple store the other day and all theses little clone looking Apple people were walking around with their hair sticking up with black tee shirts on and side burns. Plus they all had on shoes that looked like combat boots and military issue glasses.

Anybody heard of Lasik surgery or contact lenses?

I felt like a fossil. Screw them.

I could see me wearing my hair stuck up, with side burns and a black tee shirt on with my sentience’s end on a high note. Yeah, right.


Doc said...

Yeah. Screw 'em !!

Liv said...

wow. you sound mighty agitated. you should be more like me and leave on a vacation tomorrow morning!! muwahaha!!

Judy said...

I am still laughing pictureing you with your hair spicked, combate boots and talking like that!
I agree it is TIME to go to St. Croix. I will never forget that first time you asked us to go when another couple had to back out. It was sleeting/snowing and we jumped at the chance! I was never to be the same after that one taste of the island!

Jay said...

Snow? Why is that it snows everywhere but here? So unfair.

Anyway, screw 'em. Yeah, that's the attitude to have.

Ali said...

LOL! Oh Reggie - you have just painted the most hilarious (and truthful) picture. I'm 27 and am completely and totally annoyed at all the little tools you just described.

But...I have to admit...I would love to see you with spiked hair, you would totally rock that look!

TerryC said...

I'm still giggling about dragging you behind Origami with your slick waxed back! That was a good one!

Yuo got snow! How cool!!

But, are you starting to feel a little overly sensitive about your age? Umm, I mean, maturity?

MELackey said...

huh huh huh. You said SCREW.

Omar Cruz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Stacy said...

oh wow they didn't even close schools here. Ours melted pretty quick

Michael said...

Wow, what could someone possibly have said to make Wreggie delete a comment!? Shit Fire and Mango Butter, did one of those little spiky-headed, Doc Martin wearin', birth-control glassed, iPod listenin', Macintosh usin' geeky as Ned's Ass tweerds from the Apple store stalk your blog!?

Jahooni said...

I want snow. who doesn't like to make snow angels... com on!

Fossil? Not just yet. Will let you know when that happens... LOL

Jahooni said...

I want snow. who doesn't like to make snow angels... com on!

Fossil? Not just yet. Will let you know when that happens... LOL

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Michael, it was a spammer.