Stuff That Comes to my Mind

It doesn’t bother me to speak in front of a large crowd. I once spoke to a group of 600 pastors at a Presbytery of Charlotte meeting and made them laugh. The adrenalin almost makes me high when I speak to a crowd.

I still want to sleep on a creaky boat in the ocean one day and play cards and drink rum. I saw the movie Cape Fear the other day and this reminded me of this wish. Our place we are getting for the RV is on the Cape Fear River. It’s a real place and not just movie fodder.

There are flattering mirrors and unflattering mirrors in hotels. Most of the time I run by the brightly illuminated unflattering mirrors in a hotel. The little cheap hotel I stayed in last night had flattering mirrors. I stopped and preened like a rooster in front of that mirror. I wanted to take it home.

I love a grinning dog. Not many dogs do this where they raise their lips and show their teeth when they are happy. I have had two grinning dogs but none now.

Gigi and I have been saving dollar bills and change for spending money down on the island. She has a stack of ones 4 inches tall and a big plastic Folgers can full of change.

I am making a list today for groceries that we need when we walk in the door. They have someone that will shop and stock for us for a fee. Mostly our needs are mixers, limes, bottled water, coffee, beer, chips and salsa, bread, and butter. I’m going to take a chance that there is a liter or two of rum left behind by the last guest. This is nice since no one feels like running out to the store when you get on the island.


Jay said...

It's gotta be tempting to snag that bag of dollar bills and hit the strip clubs dude. LOL ;-)

Peach Pod said...

I'm thinking that the sleeping on a creaky boat is very do-able. Wraeinnie (as Terry calls him) is looking into whether or not it would be too expensive to have his 22 foot cuddy cabin boat shipped to St. Croix. If he does ship it down, I know he'll be happy to let you stay there, play cards with you and drink.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

There are people that do that and it's not too terrible if it can be barged down.

It gets expensive to sail a boat down. Especially under power.

There is a Caribbean Craig's list that has a lot of information.

Peach Pod said...

That's what we were thinking. It has a trailer, which I could tow down to Miami with the Excursion. Would I just google barge St. Croix Boat?

Peach Pod said...

Found boat shippers on the Net. Doing the research now.

TerryC said...

Dollar bills and a can of change?

Don't you remember how EXPENSIVE things are on an island?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Plus massage money and a few credit cards.

TerryC said...

Oh, okay.

Michael said...

Even if we don't buy a boat anytime soon, we'll have to figure out a way to spend a night over off Buck Island in a boat sometime.

We have grinning dogs, a couple of them at least. Its gratifying to get positive reinforcement, even from a dog - sometimes especially from a dog.

The dollar bills and change would be good if we're planning a night at the casino. Otherwise... why would you want to haul a big can of change down here? Most our shops and bars have change on hand. I mean, we're sorta third world, but we have all the US denominations, from the penny to the hundred dollar bill. And they're all honored here.

You might want a few spare bucks to pass out to Richard, and maybe another pan-handler or two, but a four-inch stack? They'd probably be happier if you gave them each a twenty and called it a day.

HOLD EVERYTHING! You're pre-ordering mixers, limes, water, coffee, beer, and munchies, but leaving rum to chance? Clearly your priorities are skewed. I thought you were progressing nicely, but I think I need to discuss this with Peter. Some remedial Cruzanization may be in order.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

The 2 gallons of change will be converted to cash. Richard gets another ten spot.

No, I actually have a bottle of 2 year dark on the list. What good are mixers otherwise?

Michael said...

That's a start. ;)

Jahooni said...

i haven't even read this post. The PACKERS LOST and my tears are so strong that I am having a hard tyme typing... see, time, type, tyme.

Let me drown my sorrows in some Rum!

Michael said...

The Packers lost to the Giants? It's a good thing Captain "Cheesehead" Carl spent the day sailing "Cruzan Time" to victory rather than moping in front of a TV.

Peach-pod - Wrainnie's thinking about moving a boat here permanently? Or just for your trip? For a one week stay I think it'd be way more than would be worth it. If he's leaving it here, and you guys are planning to come down to visit it often, that'd be great!

There are maritime shipping companies that haul boats, but for a 22 foot on a trailer, direct from florida, it might be worth checking common freight carriers like Tropical Shipping, Crowley, or VI Cargo.

Peach Pod said...

Thanks Michael!