Want to See Some Messy Power Poles?

I’m not sure what got me to thinking about this but I absolutely love the old architecture of downtown Christiansted.

One thing I find even more fascinating is the snarled patchwork of power lines that are invisible to most people. Christiansted by far has the most snarled utility system that I have ever seen.

I look at power lines and utility pole far too much.


Jay said...

When I moved back home after living in San Antonio one of the first things I noticed was the power lines that were always in the way of every picture I tried to take. In San Antonio they're almost all underground.

Jahooni said...

i have never bothered to look but I am sure while being outside (after sitting in my office all day, bored, staring at this computer screen) I will take notice.

I think it is a guy thing.

TerryC said...

The power lines should have been put underground years ago, after hurricane Hugo.

I think the narrow-minded "powers- that- be" thought it would insure more jobs for more people if they just kept having to replace everything after every storm.