An Inside Look

This is my refrigerator at home. You would think we were feeding 5 kids from the looks of it. My God there is enough food here to eat for a 10 day blizzard.

And look at that pack of hotdogs. I haven’t eaten that many dogs in two years.

Check out that block of cheese. I bet there are 5 blocks of different cheeses if you dig around enough.

Ah, there's my good old Ruth’s pimento spread and my evaporated milk for my coffee…true comfort items for me.

Something in my wife’s DNA makes her hoard like this. Sam’s Club doesn’t help either.

In her defense it better than having an empty refrigerator. I guess we are truly blessed in abundance.

I’m off to McDonalds for an egg McMuffin. I’m too lazy to fix anything from that pile of food.


DocMtCat said...

Are those Nathan's hot dogs? Yummy!

(but probably too many of them)LOL!

-Shane (doc)

none said...

I throw everything in the freezer, it's nice to dig through and accidentally find something good that I forgot about.

mr zig said...

mmmm that's a nice block of cheese... it would go perfectly into my belly - mmmmmmm

Judy said...

I like posts where you see other people's stuff. I am a wharehouse shopper too so I know it is easy to get over loaded with food doing that but in the long run you do save money even if you have to throw some of it away. That always bothers me though to waste food.

Unknown said...

Oh Nathan's hot dogs are soooo good!!!!!

TerryC said...

I love having an empty or near empty fridge!

I can see what's in there and not waste time and energy (electricity is VERY expensive down here)trying to find something.

I especially like not knocking things over onto the floor to get at something waaaay back there.

Of course, we do live in a third world country with no Sam's or Bob's or whatever clubs. And we also have mostly stuff that's going to expire in three days, so we better eat it ASAP.

Michael and I got a new energy saver fridge last year with lots of space so we can see what's in there. It avoids all the issues of packing stuff in and forgetting about it.

I rarely go to the grocery store. There are so many opportunities to eat out. There's always a function ~ someone's birthday or something to make a "pot-luck" dish for, so I don't buy to eat in.

It would be a total waste. We do compost, so lots of stuff ends up feeding our plants, but I hate to buy and end up throwing stuff away because we aren't eating it.

My freezer usually has a few nice, easy entrees to zap on a moments notice, since we live that way.

Planning meals for a week was something I did in the states, and it would be economical to eat that way here, or maybe not, since the electricity goes out for hours at a time frequently so consistant refrigeration is also questionable....

TerryC said...

And, Judy, since you love to look at other people's stuff, let's see a shot of your fridge.

I'll show you mine when you're down here next month, if.....

Jay said...

That's a lot of hot dogs dude. If you ate all those in less than a week you would be sick for a month at least!

Ali said...

My fridge never looks like that - I honestly don't know what we live on.

Judy said...

Terry, I will take a picture of mine. Not something I ever thought about doing.

Jahooni said...

Hope you have buns to go with those dogs ;-) **no pun attended**

I try to avoid those chains of markets that make you buy in bulk, over spend, and spoil food. Most if it will go bad and what a waste.

Stacy said...

damn that is a lot of hot dogs

Michael said...

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We're switching hosting services for our website and blog. The DNS change is percolating through the system since Monday night and I asked her to hold off on the blog for a day or so, so we didn't end up with some stuff on the old server, some on the new.

Seems to be mostly through the system. Can y'all lend us a hand? Go to and see if the copyright on the bottom of the page is 2007 or 2008.

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Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Michael, it's 2008 on your main site but her blog comes and goes without formatting.

I too am having Terry blog withdrawals.