This morning I went into the frozen confines of the RV looking for a few items to pack for our island vacation. The place looked cold and abandoned.

It reminded me of the Movie 2010 when the astronauts board the long abandoned space craft and decide to test the air. You could see their breath inside as they moved around to investigate.

So it was in the RV this morning. It was very cold, in the teens and the memories of warmer weather and fun to come this summer were in every nook.

I found my now official Buck Island Exploration tee shirt made famous on my last trip. I figure if I drowned it would be easier to find my bloated body in an electric green tee shirt. Plus I am a man of tradition so it needed to be packed to make me feel balanced.

I also ran across my Stephen Davis football jersey so I’ll pack that one instead of my Jake Delhomme jersey for the Super Bowl.

I guess Terry was right. I was a fool to think I was all packed last week.

Did I mention I was going to the US Virgin Islands in a week where it is 77 degrees now as I write and on the way to 80?

Oh, I bought two heavily insulated plastic tumblers with tops yesterday. They both have a parrot on them that says, “It five o clock somewhere.” Hopefully those tumblers will solve that disgusting problem I have down in St Croix of your ice melting and diluting your rum drink.


Liv said...

ugh! so. jealous.

will be out in scottsdale in march where it'll be nice and warm. i cannot wait!

Jay said...

"I figure if I drowned it would be easier to find my bloated body in an electric green tee shirt."

Always good to have a plan.

Anonymous said...

I have an electric parrot that curses and says other rude things when you walk past it.

He doesn't say anything about it being 5 o'clock somewhere but it is yours if you want it!

Jahooni said...

you just want me to reach in this monitor and slap you, don't you?

Doc said...

Just my humble opinion but I would wear the Jake jersey for superbowl... unless one is white and one is black... then wear the black one regardless

Michael said...

I hope they're Tervis Tumblers! They keep the ice from melting too fast, they keep the condensation from building too fast (leaving little puddles around your cup), and they have a lifetime guarantee! My four St. Croix Yacht Club tumblers have disappeared over the last couple years (the guarantee doesn't cover them walking away). So for Christmas, Terry got me four new tumblers with turtles on the them - Tervis Turtle Tumblers - with lids and straws too :)

You're gonna wear the shirt without the shorts!? Well, I suppose the shirt will help you maintain your sense of tradition, despite leaving the yellow shorts behind. Its a tradition in transition.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Doc...I have a white one and a black one, but I wore that same exact black jersey down in St Croix the year Carolina played New England in the super bowl. So that jersey is of course cursed of any super bowl luck since Carolina lost. You see the man logic I am sure.

So if the Giants have any chance I need to wear another jersey for the super bowl.

I am a bit superstitious about the 17 jersey so I'll wear the jersey of a has been and still be fashionable.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Michael...these are very nice tumblers in the $10 each range with lids and straws. I just knew I was making the correct decision.

I just looked and they are Tervis Tumblers.

Yes...the yellow suit is retired. I may bring it and fly it over the house.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think you mentioned you were going to the Island of St. Croix and that you were all (almost) packed and ready last week, or that you purchased a covert cooler to carry your beer which is cheaper than you can buy there and also that you had the face mask and tubes to make it look like an oxygen tank, or that you have new swim trunks and the old yellow ones will be left behind for the first time in years, or that you hate the winter and look forward to this vacation all year and that you'll be spending time with some of your favorite friends, Michael and Terry. Nope. I'm pretty sure you haven't mentioned that. ;)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Just checking Terri...there may be a test.

I'm not one to repeat a theme mind you.

Jahooni said...

Aren't you just a little bit disturbed that the Packers aren't in it and that you didn't get the Greatest Cheesehead of All TIMES?!