Annual Physical

I had my annual physical yesterday.  They noticed my weight was down, and thankfully they have me an inch taller than I really am, so my body mass index was good with the extra inch in height.

I was amazed that my blood pressure was dead on normal at 120/80. I take meds for this and it always creeps up every year. Next my pulse was textbook normal at 72 bpm. I usually register over 80 bpm.  

Then came the exam and questions. Thumping and poking, listening, looking in my ears and throat, walking and reflexes, then the boxers come off and all that stuff gets checked.  

Here come the questions…Are you happy? Do you feel good? Tell me how you exercise? Does the little fellow still work? Why do you have 5 dogs?  How is your wife? Is you mother still going strong? Sisters are good too? Need any refills? Let’s go to the lab. 

I think it went well. I'll have to see the blood tests to be sure. 

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Rock Chef said...

Hope the results are good. I must say that you seem to have a good active life (did you talk about the diving?) and eat a fairly balanced diet, so I doubt things will be that bad.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes we did talk about diving and he was fine with that.

Unknown said...

What about the gallons of bourbon?

terri said...

You're in good shape. I saw a report on the news last night saying that while the incidence of obesity in Americans has not risen, it remains the same. (About 1/3 of us are obese.) You may have a few issues, but you are in good condition.