I had the Upper Hand

Yesterday I attended an old fashioned “Reading of the Will” with an attorney and surviving spouse at her home.

The estate is large enough where we have to take our time making the correct decisions for the survivors.

As solemn as the moment was yesterday, I had moments where I was guffawing inside.

I volunteered to pick up the attorney at his office, have lunch to prep, and make the hour drive up to her home. I greeted the attorney in my pick up truck and offered a dozen eggs as a gift. I was dressed business casual and he had on a suit. He didn’t quite know what to say.

He invited me to lunch so he was paying (business rules) and all I got was a bowl of soup and water. This threw him again. I just wasn’t that hungry.

Then we arrive at my/our client’s home and she greets him formally with a hand shake and gives me a bear hug.  

I love it when I can make stuffy and formal feel unnatural when it is generally accepted.

In the end we will take good care of her. I am going to make numerous calls today with her via conference call to assist her in settling and notifying various agencies.  

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Rock Chef said...

The Rebel spirit lives on!

Ken said...

Mr Slick!

Ken said...
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Unknown said...

Ah, but did you wear the curly wig?

Rock Chef said...

Of course he did - business-casual! :-)

terri said...

Who wouldn't want to do business with you?