Extremely Unproductive

By now I had plans for my patio to be in place and deck surface being demolished for a new surface. Enter the cold rainy season and I have pallets of pavers and a pile of crushed stone in my driveway.  I think it will still be a few weeks now before we dry out enough to proceed.

Meanwhile, I sit back and watch you people (bloggers) be so productive in the cold darkness of winter, while I just curl up in a ball and wait for spring. I need so much to paint, but I can’t make myself commit. I need to have the living room carpet removed for a more dog friendly floor covering, but it remains undone.

I used to think that if I had the money then I would just hire everything to be done, but it doesn’t work that way. It is difficult to find qualified and honest workers that will do the job correctly and on budget.

I called a roofing guy two weeks ago for an estimate to patch a few soft placed on the number one dwelling. It hasn’t stopped raining enough for him to show up.

It’ll get done eventually.

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Ken said...

I've been very productive since returning home from Florida, building Mic'n'Bics Antique Bargain Basement.

I'm just not sharing it right now.

terri said...

I tend to curl up in a ball this time of year too. I'm not doing much. Cooking a little more. And writing, which makes me happy. But I'm not inclined to tackle any major projects either.