Sadly I saw this morning that the oil refinery on St Croix is shutting down ASAP. That means a direct loss of about 2,000 jobs plus. It accounts for about 20% of the gross domestic product on the island. I know some friends loosing their livelihood. 

It was the one industry St Croix could count on. How can a petroleum company not make money? The world economic slowdown did them in.

Gigi fell again Monday night. It was a hard fall. If she was a horse, I would shoot her. She loosened a few screws but should be okay if she will take it easy.

This I know, all bad things will pass.

The weeks worth of hay. 

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terri said...

I'm sorry for your friends on the island losing jobs. I'm sorry that Gigi took a fall. Tell her to enjoy being required to take it easy. There aren't many times in life when others will insist you do.

Ken said...

The screws holding the whole world together are starting to loosen.

Unknown said...

What can a guy say?

Rock Chef said...

I find it sad that big companies have more loyalty to their share holders than to those who have worked for them for years. Shut a few places to boost profits a bit? Sure thing!

Hope Gigi is OK.

Bruno said...

Temera and I send Peace, Love and Encourgement to Gigi, we hope she feels better.