Every morning I read the local online papers of St Croix. I want to know what is new, what is real news, crime, government, etc. Then I logon the local forums to get the dirt where plain locals banter back and forth about the goings on island wise.

Last day there June 18, 2011
Then I’ll eye the webcam so see what is going on before I check Facebook and find out more accurate local news I want from friends down on the island. Who is doing what, where are the popular places, who saw dolphins.   

Then sometime during the day, usually during the commute, I’ll tune in the local radio station to here advertising, weather and news. I love the local radio commercials.

In a matter of minutes, almost automatically, I know more about the St Croix community than I do my own community. Theirs is more interesting to me, and certainly more of a challenge being 1500 miles away.

All of this is done for me via an RSS reader so I spend very little time getting the news I want.

When I get there, I feel like I’ve been there. 

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Ken said...

You got it should invest in a home down there.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I looked into that in detail and the fixed recurring costs of water, electricity and insurance made it undesirable. It was going to be $1000 a month even if I wasn't there assuming that I had paid cash for the property. I would have to finance and all this is too rich for my blood. No worries, just rent cheap for a week.

terri said...

You could be the St. Croix spokesman. You should get paid for all of the good press you give them!