Dive Gear

I am coming up on my third season of scuba diving. For the past few weeks I have been cleaning and servicing gear for my upcoming trip. All my regulators have been serviced and even one regulator was replaced. My redundant air system is in the shop being serviced now. It will go with me to the island.

The New observation deck
at the dive quarry. 
Different dives call for different equipment, whether it is a boat dive, shore dive, lionfish hunting dive, photography dive, drift dive, you name it. There is a specialty item needed for each type of dive.

You can’t take it all underwater, so I am planning now for what I think I’ll need. No matter what, I end up with pockets stuffed and a lot of equipment strapped to me.  

I used to think it was nonsense to take a knife. Now I take two in case of entanglement. I used to think it was nonsense to take a light. I always have one…two on night dives. You never know when you want to look under a rock. I am one of the few divers I know that have two redundant air systems, and I always take one depending on the dive depth.  

My new smaller camera tucks right into a small pocket so it will always be with me. The old camera was bulky and had to be hand held throughout the dive.  

Then there are wetsuits to consider. I think now I will take a shorty and a rash guard. The rash guard is a body suit that offers protection from stinging plants and animals but little thermal protection. A shorty wet suit over this should keep me warm in 80 degree water. 

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Ken said...

Can you wear most of this stuff as...carry-on for the plane?