I have been studying for my rescue diver certification almost every night. The study is fascinating to me because rather than focusing on dive skills, it focuses on diver psychology.   

Human psychology is why I like my business. It is not the business I like per se, but the human reaction to it that sets me off.

Dealing with a panicked diver is proving to be more interesting to me than I had imagined. Distressed divers are a victim in the water, but a patient out of the water. I can give oxygen and CPR and hit them with a deliberator. I can wrap wounds, stabilize and report to authorities their condition.  

I must be careful not to drown myself in the rescue, and I must try and think what is going on in their mind to protect me…..while I am helping them.

What I have found most fascinating so far is that if I every assist with a helicopter rescue from a boat deck that I must stand clear of the basket or rope, until it discharges static electricity on the deck of the boat. Failure to do so will likely electrocute me. How cool is that? Who would have thought static electricity was involved?  

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Rock Chef said...

You can make a video like the Vinny Jones one I posted!

Unknown said...

You will be like McGyver and Dr. Kildare and Ben Franklin all rolled in one.

Ken said...
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Ken said...

Dag it! I forgot the w. I'm going to fix it.

Ken said...

wReggie wRescue Inc.

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