Phfantasy Phfootball

There are few other teams in the NFL that I admire and respect. First I am an NFC guy so sans the AFC entirely. Then it comes to a handful of teams that I will pull for if my Panthers are out of it.  

Teams that come to mind are the Packers, Giants, Saints in a pinch, but without a doubt The San Francisco 49ers are among the teams I respect. The admiration came about when the Panthers were in the NFC west back in the 90s.

So this weekend the 49ers host the Giants at Candlestick. Imagine if you will preparing a feast of sourdough sandwiches with salami, phfantastic sides like potato salad. The pack assorted adult beverages to keep away the cold. Heck Napa’s finest is just a stones throw away as is good old Anchor Steam Beer.  

Board a small craft on the Sacramento River somewhere in The Delta. Cruise down the river all bundled up with radio, portable TV and iPad in hand and head to Candlestick.

Then arrive and bask in the glory of history and the NFC Tile game from the comforts of the boat.

Congratulations San Francisco. Make us proud. 

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Ken said...

Don't forget the 5 gallon bucket (with comfy lid).

Unknown said...

...these recent times remind of the early eighties...I lived in a small, rural, redneck logger town in North Central Washington.

You know how they felt about anything having to do with San Francisco.

But they loved their football. And when the Niners started winning...and winning...and winning some more, well............they had to shut up.

It is Shut Up Time once again.

Your scenario sound perfect....but I need Mic to send me the fifty bucks.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I hear Mic is loaded. He should send his fair share or I might doo doo in his yard.