My Line of Thinking

I found it necessary to upgrade my air capacity now that I have been running with a more experienced crowd at the Quarribean. Yesterday I bought a steel tank that takes my air up about 50%.

This may work out perfectly if I take the side mount classes in St Croix. Then I could dive with my two aluminum 80s or my single 117. If I use either system, I have stepped up my bottom time just by purchasing one additional tank.

Just a note on the space shot: I have suspended development until I complete my latest scuba classes and get back from St Croix. I am still looking for a March Launch. 

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Rock Chef said...

For a moment there I thought that the rocket project was coming to and end! Looking forward to the launch!

Unknown said...

Couldn't the rocket be launched from the depths of the quarry, nuclear style, thereby killing two birds with one stone, as it were?

Ken said...

"suspended development" would be a good name for a musical dive club band.