Three Things You May Not Have Seen

According to, my very own US Virgin Islands is the number one destination spot for 2012. I knew it, and I am going. Twice….maybe thrice.  I have always found St Croix in the mid 80’s, clear blue water, white sand, cheap rum, lush vegetation, good food and nice people.

I bought a new dive camera that shoot stills and video and works above and below water. It was designed for extreme sports and is water proof to 130 feet and shock proof. I installed a wireless card that takes the images from the camera and sends them to my iPad automatically without wires or cables.

When I travel, I no longer carry a computer with charging cords and assorted cables to process pictures and blog. Just a lightweight table with charger and everything else is wireless.

Speaking of wireless doodads, I picked up this nifty thermometer that measures meat temperature and smoker temperature remotely.

I can set up a 16 hour smoke and go to bed. What I’ll do is set the darn thing to wake me up if the planned temperature gets too high or too low. Then I set the receiver by the bed and come up with some good dreams. When I wake up…I have BBQ!

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Unknown said...

Before the digital camera age I took some photos under the water in the Sea of Cortez...seals, sea cucumbers, etc. Waterproof disposable.

I think your BBQ is starting to resemble a Lunar Command Module.

terri said...

You are the king of gadgetry! I'm looking forward to some underwater photos from your dives in St. Croix.

Bruno said...


THAT, is too cool. I haven't heard of this wireless card befor today and am impressed. I am a dinosaur that resists technology at every turn, butt this is cool. I'll have to add this little beaut to my collection of tech toys like my atlatl and flintlock.