Useless Foods

I abhor extruded food with the rarest exceptions like pasta, Crunchy Cheetos and ground meat.

Bugles are the worst offender followed by Pringles. I put curly fries in this family too.

Fritos are a hybrid and provide useful scooping in chili and sauces. Plus Fritos have a rich corn flavor and lots of salt.  

On the drink side let me mention Fresca and Tab. Does anyone really drink that crap? They are a waste of good water. 

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Ken said...

Your showing your "picky food bugger" side again.

Unknown said...

I like a good Frito. I dun like curly fries.

And I have a half-rack of Fresca in my ice box right now.

Are we compatable, Bucky?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I like Fritos too but Bugles represent a low point in snack food history.

Now I know who bought the last production run of Fresca. Admit has been sitting in your home for years.

Rock Chef said...

Can I add bad sausages?

terri said...

I LOVE crunchy Cheetos and I never buy them because I can't stop eating them.

You might change your mind about Bugles if you try the caramel ones. Those are another product I can't buy, because I can't eat just a few.

Bruno said...

Bugles and Pringles are bad, alone with those silly sun chips.

I've had a fresca a time or two but have never bought it. What's tab.

Curly fries are good, cheetos are better.

Try curly fries with collard greens and black eyed peas smothered in greek yogurt and red peper.

Anonymous said...

Kind sir, do not speak ill of Bugles. Excellent waste of calories. Especially the caramel ones.