Post One, Day One

Happy New Year every one! I personally don’t say Happy New Years….it drive me crazy.

As of 7 AM I have a Boston Butt (shoulder) on the smoker for an all day slow cook with apple wood.

And as southern tradition holds, we will cook a giant batch of collards and have black eye peas. Corn bread is good but not required. This is the traditional New Year day meal that our parents taught us to make for good luck in the coming year.

In an hour or so after feeding the herd and flock I’ll head up to the quarry and get off a few dry suit dives.

Then back to the home where I’ll watch our final game of the season and hope for an upset.

It sounds like a good day. 

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Judy said...

Happy New Year little brother! Love you!

terri said...

Sounds like a great day to me. Enjoy! And Happy New YEAR! :-)

Unknown said...

You can't say "butt" on the Public Internets.

Rock Chef said...

Sounds great. We have a nice lump of pork on the oven roasting away. We will be having that with roast potatoes and apple sauce.

Bruno said...

Sounds like a good day to me too. How many outside cooking appliances do you have? Looks like lots BUTT I don't see one of them there egg looking bar bi ques.