My Dive Group on 1/1/12

This is the crowd I dove with on New Years Day. I didn't know the guy was filming, but he managed to capture the quarry well. I dove with him yesterday just the two of us. 

Me taking a picture of me with my new camera. 
Yesterday was dive 65.

Dive buddy Garth yesterday.

And remember....friends don't let friends eat curly fries. 

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terri said...

Your camera takes great pictures!

Bruno said...

curly fry bigotry is still bigotry. can't we just accept the curly fry lover? after all, they/we have feelings too.

Yes, great pics, diving looks like allot of fun. Thought about doing it up here in the Puget Sound but the start up cost looks daunting along with the average 53 degree water temp. of the Sound. Not to mention the limited visibility in the sound, if I'm going to step into a seperate reality I'd like to see where I'm going.

Bruno said...
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Unknown said...

Killer vid, sir.