National Wisdom

A person or group, is a sworn enemy of the state, and is trying to take what you and your family, and nation have. You have been sworn to defend the nation from all enemies. You kill the sworn enemy who was trying to kill you just moments ago. This is good. Your President is proud.

Piss on him. This is bad. Your President is ashamed and will prosecute you for pee peeing on a dead Taliban soldier.

Better to kill than to relieve. 

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Ken said...

It is amazing....imagine if they picked their noses and wiped it on them!

Rock Chef said...

Stuff happens in war.

Bruno said...

Who's the idiot who recorded this. He's the one needs his butt kicked.

Unknown said...

I nod my head in agreement to all three commenters.


Bruno said...

I think your a natural born diplomat Phfrankie.