A Good Week

It was a super week for me. I have been very busy with a full schedule. When I’m busy, I have fun working.

Today, I met with the attorney and CPA that I referred to my client who recently died. We had a brainstorming session on behalf of the widow. We wanted to make our most thought out recommendations to her. It was wonderful to see how we all fulfilled our moral and ethical obligations in her best interest. There were a lot of good ideas tossed around.

Over the years I grew very close to this client and his wife. We discussed their children, and grandchildren, and all matters of possibilities for her. I meet with her Tuesday to discuss our meeting and I am excited.

My favorite and “go to” dive shop was robbed Monday night. I mean they were wiped out by professionals. The place was trashed, and we all felt violated.

Our dive community is tight. We like the managers of the store, and most customers know each other. We dive with each other at the quarry, and trust each other literally with our lives.

Sunday we are all going into the dive shop and help them recover, by cleaning, stocking, and getting the store back to normal.

This will be good.

Gigi made improvement this week. This is good too.

It was a good week. 

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terri said...

I'm glad you had such a good week.

I'm like that too. I need to be busy and feel productive to feel good about my work.

Glad to hear Gigi is making improvements.