From time to time I get questions about St Croix, so I want to take the time to answer some of the common questions I receive.

How is the Bacon on St Croix It is delicious. Remarkably, it tastes very much like the bacon here in the states. I always make sure that I buy plenty so I can keep my strength up for island activities.

What language do they speak?  English is the native language. It is a wonderful and colorful language that I managed to pick up quite well as a child. It has funny letters in front of some words that don’t get pronounced so they are meaningless and only there as an ornament to complement the word. The word “gnat” is a great example.  Funny though, in St Croix they don’t have a word for snow.

Are there any giraffes there?  I have not seen one but that doesn’t mean a giraffe isn’t there. I plan to continue my search for a giraffe in the coming weeks.  

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Unknown said...

If I was there I would go giraffe diving, and hopefully find one.

Bruno said...

What kind of a place has gnats (probably biting), but no giraffe's. I yearn to see the flying giraffe fish.

terri said...

I heard they don't have clocks on the island either.