Tweaks Before I Travel

I am starting to make little piles and lists of thing that I will take to St Croix.

Sundays dive revealed a bad connector on my inflator hose, and the dive computer was telling me that the battery was low. I fixed both issues today.  I would hate to discover the problem down there where getting parts can be a hit or miss.

In case you are shocked to hear that, yes, I have a dive computer, they are very common. The computer consists of a small puck of electronics that calculates a whole host of things to keep me well within the boundaries of safe diving. Divers constantly refer to the computer during a dive.

And finally I think I got a permanent fix hopefully for my favorite mask.  I dropped off my Spare Air tank to be serviced. I would hate to have my backup emergency air fail on me when needed,

Yellow boys were located yesterday and the famed swimming trucks will make the trip again this year. Yellow boys have become the Bret Favre of swimming apparel.

Things are starting to fall into place. 

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Rock Chef said...

I assume that the computer does things like make sure you don't surface too fast?

terri said...

Yellow Boys = Brett Favre. I love that analogy!

Unknown said...

Joseph Montana.