All American Meal

I try to eat a reduced caloric intake in an effort to ward off any further growth of man boobs.

So today at lunchtime when I’m out and about I stopped by McDonalds for the little known All American Meal. Few people know of this. It’s a small regular hamburger and a small fry. Plain old fashioned little paper sack of fries along with a small drink. I have a diet coke. This meal is about 500ish calories and if eaten slowly will give my mind all the rock and roll of a much bigger meal. Lets not take about the grams of fat, okay?

Most of my McDonald colleagues are consuming 1500 to 2000 calories and therefore are dealing with the man boob thing.

Today this woman could not figure out what in the heck I wanted (I was in Rock Hill, SC). So I ended up with a modified Happy Meal complete with a Happy Meal box and a toy. I was upgraded from the shot glass coke to the small adult coke at no cost.

The problem is while I accomplished my objective I left the restaurant in a less than dignified way. I would have preferred to have the white adult bag and sans the box and toy. I now have a cool toy on my front seat of my truck and no one to give it to.


Anonymous said...

Remember when Ali took her's to the lake and it had a few too many?She posted pictures of her toy off having a great week end. Wasn't that a happy meal toy, Ali? It was a little doll of some sort. I remember it.

Amos said...

Heck, sell it on Ebay. Those things bring big bucks for collectors!

Logzie said...

Ok...I am laughing out loud here Reggie!

I DO know about the all american meal and I too and a conisour (?) but I am finding that a lot of MCD are not offering it anymore...much to my dissapointment!

Good luck with the man boob reduction and sorry about the undignified way you had to leave...little box and all!

TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ali said...

Oooooooh, what kind of toy is it? I don't know what they're offering now because I haven't been there forever.

You're right Judy - my drunken McDonald's toy came to the lake with us this summer. His name was Hypo Hermie and he was a skeleton from Pirates of the Carribean.

Reggie, if you really can't give your toy to someone you can always send it my way!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

It is some little fellow with a compass in his belly. Consider it sent.

I just finished my steak.

mr zig said...

So what makes that meal an "All American Meal"? the reason I ask, is because up here we have a meal called the "All Canadian Meal" and everytime my wife gets it I think to myself (and sometimes outloud) - What makes it so "Canadian" - well - the strange thing is that your All American and our All Canadian are one and the same... strange.... perhaps it should be renamed to the "Happy-No Fancy Package-No Toy-For Adults-Meal"

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I never knew I was eating Canadian food. How ethnic.

Alyssa said...

I always get the All Canadian Meal (same as your All American one), and I've found a few McDs here that don't know what it is either. The last time I tried to order it, the server INSISTED it was the same as a Big Mac meal - She finally called her manager over to prove to me that a All Canadian Meal referred to a Big Mac, med. coke and med. fries. He sided with me, although the server looked like she didn't quite believe either of us.

I bet a Big Mac meal would have been more filling though. :)