Second Life

Might I suggest just in case you need another way to waste time? It’s an imaginary virtual world where you can stumble around, fly and meet other people. You get a standard buff body that you can redesign.

So meet Reggie Legend. I have a red tie dye tee shirt on so you’ll recognize me.


Logzie said...

WOW! Chuck & I breifly checked that out last night...and WOW. So...are you actually spending real money?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No. I'm not spending money there. I am a homeless person in second life. I just wonder around and talk to people.

You can sign up without giving them a credit card.

A bit of warning. My first experience was orientation Island and it was quite nice. It is nice there and the folks are friendly. You can fly and explore things.

There are some perverts there in a few places but I haven't had any problems. I had no business in the places I went so I got out ASAP and went back to the friendly place.

Ali Kat said...

I signed in and created an account. My avatar is Sam Gymnast. But, I can't get anywhere because a window keeps popping up when I try to teleport saying that Mac OS X doesn't recognize an address starting with secondlife. Reggie, do you know how to deal with this? This sounds like fun, but I can't figure it out!

Logzie said...

I mean, are the people spending money there actually spending "real" money?

I might check out orientation sounds nice.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...


Yes you can spend real money in second life. $1 equals $250 there. I plan to stay homeless now since I can eat and sleep in this life.

Ali Kat

I am not sure about the Mac Op sys issue since I am a pc man. Hang around orientation Island and we can chat.