Put a Fork in Fall

We have had some big time storms here in NC over the last few days. Two inches of rain fell last night with very vivid lightening and thunder. Today the wind howled and every last leaf was torn from the trees.

So now I am truly faced with the reality of winter. Its wet, the trees are naked, and it’s cold and windy.

So I’ll site here in my sweat shirt and pajama bottoms and dream of spring, the Masters, the Kentucky Derby, and Daytona 500. Give me fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas and then put a fork in the rest of winter.

I loathe the thoughts of January and February. Please don’t let it snow!


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, Feb. is when we go to St. Croix!

Amos said...

Well Reggie I have switched states temporarily and even though there isn't any snow in the foothills of Denver, my husband is in the northwest corner of the state and they had 20 inches of snow and 60 mph winds. So your lightning and thunder is a result of that storm I hear. Hope the days are better now.

Logzie said...

I agree with you Reggie!

But I have to say since my husband put those weather sticker thingys on my blog...I do notice that your weather in Charlotte is ALWAYS nicer than mine or Ali's...so you probably won't get much sympathy out of us! HE HE!