Sorry Duke

Old Duke is the first male dog I have ever had. He is very hairy on the underside so you would never know what sex he was.

Old Duke is also neutered which I think is responsible for any pet owner. I got to thinking about old Duke and his lack of showyness as far as the testicle thing and started searching for some dog testicle implants. Do you know they actually make fake dog balls?

They are called Neuticles. A a top of the line pair of fake dog testicles would cost $299 plus installation.

Sorry Duke.


Anonymous said...

Well, if that doesn't beat all!!!

Ali said...

I see you are hard at work - so am I, that's why I have time to comment on your dog's testicles.

Poor Duke - no manly doggy parts, but since his leg is healing funny anyways, maybe the testicles would just hinder his walking even more.

Logzie said...