There are some things that really irritate me. To the outside observer it may not seem like a big deal.

If I offer someone a portion of something I am about to eat myself, please keep your pained expressions to yourself if you decline my offer. Just say, “No thank you”. You see I plan to eat the same food momentarily and you just painted a nauseous picture in my mind that I would prefer not to have. Have a little courtesy on my upcoming food experience.

This happened last night at supper. Gigi had made a marvelous meal of which chicken breast cooked in mushroom soup was the main entree. I offered my FIL another piece of chicken and he scrunched up his face with a pained expression like I just offered him seconds on dog crap. Gigi didn’t see this but I did. Then he said, “I don’t like dry meat”. Gigi heard this.

So I’m sitting there having suffered both a visual, verbal and tactile attack on my delicious half consumed chicken. I can see Gigi’s mind going, “Dry meat, dry meat? You ingrate. ”

All this came from a man who considers boiled chicken legs to be a delicacy.

So after we consider the source we move on. The interruption was not necessary and could have been avoided if a reserve neuron or two had thought about what was about to be said.


Logzie said...

Wow...he's still "visiting"...

Sorry Gigi!!

P.S.-How do you like the BETA version of Blogger Reggie? What are the main differences?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

The blogger beta is okay except I have had a few logon problems. I figured one of us had to take the plunge and upgrade. It does have a nice spell checker so I don't have to write in Word and then copy and paste. I cannot and never will be able to spell.