Have You Seen Any Daylight?

Outdoors is now completely uninhabitable for me. It is cold and windy with a light misting rain. My skin is dry and my lips are chapped.

Yesterday afternoon I had plans to glue together the potato cannon on the deck and then store away a load of horse grain. Somehow in my brain I had programmed the event weather at about 70 degrees.

Reality set in a few minutes after I stated. I could see my white scaly hands reaching for tools under the watchful eyes of my protruding cracked lips. Then the rain started and the wind kicked up. Dang! I have to stop and put up the grain before it gets wet.

I got the cannon all glued up but the purple primer kind of ran down the tubing. Oh no matter, it will work fine.

I go a bit crazy after a long stay indoors. Now all I want to do is sit around in my warm PJs and drink hot tea or red wine. I have a sleeping shirt that I have worn more nights than I want to admit. It is so darn warm and comfortable and I don’t want to give it up for washing for fear that the turnaround would be too long. Oh I love you warm shirt.

Yesterday I left my good laptop mouse at work. It is the one with all the switches and buttons with the special porn button as my friends Don calls it. The porn button will magnify any area that needs further close inspection. So I had to use my emergency backup mouse. It feels so strange but it is better than sliding your finger around on that little 2 inch mouse board.

Yesterday the gym was unusually busy. I’m not sure if more people were bad over the weekend or if folks are trying to ward off any effects of the upcoming Thanksgiving feast on Thursday. Maybe they were trying to offset the winter doldrums.

It’s funny to me how some folks love winter. The lady I bought grain from yesterday was happy as a lark. She loves this weather and finds it cozy and refreshing. We laughed about when I came in sometime in July, encrusted in salt from sweat

after a round of golf in 98 degree weather with a heat index of 105. To each his own.