I'm Grouchy

I am uncharacteristically grouchy today.

I hate it when I get to work and I have to jump right to work. I need time to boot the computer, make coffee, make toast, drink coffee and eat my toast, and only then will I be ready to work. This didn’t happen today but I expected it and it made me grouchy just thinking about it.

I ordered a new 2 GB card for Gigi’s camera back in October from Amazon. I paid for it and it came with free shipping which I assume Amazon paid for since no one works for free.

Now it is late November and the card is not here. It seems it got to Greensboro, NC and was undeliverable and it was shipped back somewhere. Anyhow it is lost and I paid for it.

The US Postal Service said to Call Amazon and Amazon said to call the US Postal service. I guess I’ll call my credit card and fill out a dispute form and take over from there. This really made me grouchy.

It’s 66 degrees here and headed to 70. I am trying to find someone to play some golf. No one will go. This is making me grouchy.

My team lost to Washington yesterday. This is making me grouchy.


Peach Pod said...

Sweetie, screw the office thing and go to the driving range. I bet hitting a bucket of balls will cure the grouchies!

Ali said...

From what I've read from you the last 5 months or so, you seem to be a generally happy person.
Feel free to be as grouchy as you like - you deserve it once in a while.