Just Read This

Oh joy.

I played golf this afternoon at a municipal course near the less desirable part of town. I should have known when I pulled in the parking lot that I was in trouble when I read the sign, "Park at Your Own Risk". My club is closed on Monday or I would have played there.

Seeing this sign I kept my handgun in my golf bag just in case I came upon some crime. Plus you never know when you may need to settle a dispute on the green.

So we played 18 with Ty and another person that was paired with us.

As I got into my car I noticed my glove compartment was open and stuff was on the floor. Damn! I had been broken into. I looked around and my .38 handgun was in the middle seat compartment along with my checkbook. Yes call me paranoid, I carry two handguns. One little .22 in my pocket and a .38 in the truck.

My new dozen golf balls were still in the back seat, thank God for that. Other then that it looked okay. I was lucky. So I'm tooling down the highway home and I called Ty. He said, "Dude, did they get your laptop?"

Holy crap! They got my beloved laptop and my digital camera. Plus my leather laptop case and all my plugs and stuff for my phone and blue tooth wireless thingy for my ear.

Thank goodness I back up nightly. But what a pain. Now I have to buy all new stuff less $500 and spend the time to rebuild everything.

Fortunately whoever stole my laptop has about 2 hours of battery life and they are out of business. I have the laptop charger. Plus the PC was pass worded.

I feel so violated.


Ali said...

You definitely deserve to be grouchy now!

Amos said...

Holy cow! I hope the idiot is incredibly miserable for being such a thief and their guilt gets the best of them and they fess up and give it back! Guess that would be the last time for golf at that place. Hope tomorrow is a brighter one for you.

Logzie said...

Oh my GOSH! That makes me SO mad! How do people get the nerve??

I am sorry that happened Reggie!!!!

Peach Pod said...

I can't believe you've been robbed AGAIN. Too bad you don't have a recording of this one. I'm sorry this has happened to you.

mr zig said...

How was the actual golf game? Did that go well at least? - totally sucks about the theft... that feeling of seeing your glove box open and feeling your heart sink is one that is all to familiar to me from back when I lived in an apartment in a shady neighborhood... Anyway, perhaps something good will come of all this - who knows... maybe your laptop was on the verge of a battery explosion which could have hurt you... you never know!

Anonymous said...

oh, Man, I am so sorry!

Ali Kat said...

What I can't believe, is how no one is surprised that you have two guns. Okay, here it comes:

Oh my goodness. Why the heck do you have guns, and two of them. Are you crazy?!? Oh no, that's right, you just live in the US ;) (hee hee!)

MELackey said...

2 Guns, no surprise there, especially in the South. I have 19 of them, but rarely carry more than 1 at a time.

Reggie, you need to look at the S&W Airweights. A .38 special, easily pocket concealed, and weight about 15 oz. That would give you a little more firepower than your .22