Crime Scene

I was able to capture this crime scene at the junk yard in Second Life. That is me, Reggie Legend with my back to you. I was sitting on that globe to the right, minding my business. Suddenly I heard shots. This chicken started attacking a woman and you see her morphing into some super human thing engulfing the chicken.

I can’t wait to get back there but I have a real life here.

This afternoon in Second Life I was attacked by two guys in a wheelchair. They fired weapons at
me saying that I was trespassing on their pier.

So I headed to a rather seedy place and asked a guy where a person could get a gun. He gave me two boxes of weapons and a bottle of Vodka. How nice, huh? He asked nothing in return.

So chicken people and bad men in wheelchairs…beware!

See you there Ali Kat.