Good Sleep

I love to sleep. It makes up a third of my life and I am happy for that. It relaxes me, it refreshes me and it opens up another personality for me to enjoy in dream land. In dream land I fly, take chances, I travel, and generally am a much bolder Reggie. After all I’ll spend 16 hours a day not flying and being more reserve so I might as well enjoy the bolder Reggie.

I have three basic modes of sleep. There is standard off the shelf sleep which makes up about 3/5 of my life. It decent enough and it gets the job done. Then there is bad sleep where I wake up often and early. Usually I get stuck in a week to 10 days of bad sleep and I hate it. Then my friends is the coveted good sleep. I have had five nights in a row of good sleep. I wake up fully refreshed, relaxed and am ready to face the day. Good sleep is what sleep was meant to be.

I am sure that my recent bout of spectacular sleep is due to a new sleeping position I have found. I get stuck in the same old positions, fetal left, fetal right, on the back (then I snore) and that is about it. I have now come up with what I’ll call the Reggie Modified Fetal where I lay on my right side (left works too) and extend my right arm upward and extend my legs straight. This stretches out my whole body (gosh I’m about to fall asleep just writing about it) and it allows me to breath deeply with very little effort. I think over the years my organs had gotten squished up from sleeping in the same position.

Now keep in mind I am 5’ 7” so you big folks may have a problem with all this stretching out.

So sleep fans, give this Reggie Modified Fetal a try tonight and thank me tomorrow.